support in dealing with infertility

90 Minute Strategy Session

The Process

In advance of our call you and your partner (if relevant) will have provided me a 5-7 day food journal as well as a completed detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire is very thorough and covers your health, medical and reproductive history, eating habits, stress levels, toxic exposure and lifestyle factors. You will also be asked to provide any relevant test results and medical reports. These confidential forms will be sent out to you once you’ve purchased the service. Once I receive your completed forms we can then schedule a time for your consultation. Depending upon the complexity of your case the session should last about 90 minutes. Collectively the information you provide allows me to undertake a detailed analysis beforehand of your health and fertility status and how this may be being compromised by any imbalances within your body and their likely causes. 

How the Session Will Benefit You

During the call I will share with you how seemingly unrelated symptoms, that you would probably not associate with having an impact on your fertility, may well be exactly what is preventing you from conceiving and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. 

The suggestions I outline will be tailored to your individual case and will involve specific dietary and lifestyle changes as well as ideas for emotional support. Your proposed protocol is likely to incorporate the use of certain nutritional supplements and holistic health treatments to help optimise your fertility by correcting any imbalance in your body systems, whilst deeply nourishing and nurturing your body, mind and spirit; thereby ultimately optimising your fertility. Also pending certain ‘clues’ that may present themselves during my analysis I may also recommend additional tests for you to undertake. These tests will seek to identify certain conditions and underlying causes that may have previously been overlooked, but which are having a significant impact on your body’s well-being.  

The take-away tips and tools from the call will enable you to feel much more empowered and in control. Decisions will come a lot more naturally from a place of centred calm rather than confusion and overwhelm. You will have gained unique insights into possible causes and solutions to your particular fertility challenges that conventional fertility practitioners may have missed. For easy reference you will receive a copy of your protocol, which will also include a list of sources for any products, supplements and tests that I have recommended.

This session is right for you if:

    •    You have only recently contemplated starting a family; you have no known health conditions, but would like to optimise your chances of conceiving naturally and ensuring a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. As a result maybe you’re newly off birth control and you want some tips and tools to restore a healthy, regular period again and identify your most fertile window in your cycle. You understand that a baby is made up of 50% of the mothers DNA and 50% of the fathers and therefore it cannot inherit a bank balance of health greater than that of its parents. You therefore want to ensure that you and your partner consciously prepare to create a new life by employing a diet and lifestyle that optimises egg, sperm and uterine health as well as your overall well-being, thereby safeguarding the health of your future child. 

    •    You have a history of hormone imbalance that may have manifested as irregular or absent periods, hypothyroidism, diabetes, irregular periods, endometriosis or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. As such you may have been told by your conventional health practitioner that conceiving and sustaining a pregnancy may be quite challenging. However you understand that with the right support the body has the amazing power to heal itself and you would like to be empowered to make positive diet and lifestyle choices, that will help correct the underlying factors contributing to your condition, restore health and function and therefore significantly increase your odds of a successful pregnancy.  You are open to learning what primary issues may have been overlooked and how these can be identified and addressed through a holistic healing approach.

    •    You have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more but have yet to fall pregnant, or you may have fallen pregnant but have sadly miscarried. You may have undergone some form of fertility treatment such as Clomid, IUI or IVF or feel you are at the stage to contemplate this as your next step. Any test results you and your partner have had as part of a fertility work-up may have come back ‘normal’ or may have identified one or more of the following underlying conditions, such as blood clotting issues, gene mutations, poor sperm parameters, hormone imbalances, impaired thyroid function and immune dysfunction. 

Consequently you are at a bit of a loss as to what to do next to greatly improve your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy. Your relationship with your partner may be feeling strained and you do not feel as happy, relaxed and carefree as you did prior to starting your baby quest. Sometimes advice seems conflicting, confusing and overwhelming. In the process you feel like you’ve lost touched with your intuition as to what best serves you, your partner and your body in achieving your pregnancy goals. Maybe you feel that you have handed over a lot of your power to others when it comes to realising your baby dreams.  You feel isolated and frustrated at times by how hard it all feels.  

What you are seeking is a plan that takes into account your individual circumstances, that provides clear insights with empowering solutions, that restores your confidence and faith in both yourself and your body. That helps you re-connect with yourself and your partner and re-establishes self-belief and hope. Your desire is to work collaboratively with someone, a confidant of sorts, who truly understands the emotional struggle and tough decisions that can be a part of one’s fertility journey. Someone who is sensitive to the fact that not everyone is given a fast track pass to motherhood. Someone who can support you in way that puts you back in control when it comes to self-navigating the seemingly ‘slow’ road, in a way that encourages you to stay present, find joy and create a life you love regardless of the route you take to your destination.

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