My approach to healing and supporting fertility in both men and women takes into consideration all the factors that influence health and wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit, taking the best of conventional medicine and alternative holistic therapies to facilitate the body’s innate healing response and encourage empowering and preventative self-care. 

Based on my training I favour the diagnostic principles of Functional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine which take a Whole Person approach to identify any imbalances within the body and their possible root cause. Following an initial assessment and Strategy Session my treatment protocol and recommendations are highly tailored, taking into account criteria such as your fertility and pregnancy aspirations, where you are on your fertility journey, your overall health, lifestyle and medical history as well as the outcome of any previous fertility treatments. 

I am a great advocate of the principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine as the foundation for treatment, particularly what is termed the 4R’s protocol as conceived by Dr Jeffery Bland, the founding member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

The 4R’s represent the four consecutive steps to support the body back to wellness:

The basis of all my treatment protocols utilise these steps.

My mission is to restore health, revitalise spirit and support you in reclaiming your fertility, sharing tools and options that put the power of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy back into your hands.

During the process we will work collaboratively to release the emotional weight of the struggle that can be part of the fertility journey, relieve you of feelings of overwhelm and confusion so that decisions feel clear, informed and intuitively guided.

Did you know that the body considers pregnancy an indulgence in terms of energy and nutrient expenditure. It is constantly assessing its outgoings with its incomings in terms of energy and nutrient requirements, where best to utilise them for maximum return in relation to survival. Hence pregnancy is at the bottom of the priority list. Primary organs essential for your survival are top of the list, with the brain taking the number one spot. Once their needs have been met then the immune, endocrine and digestive systems can be taken care of. Last in terms of requirements is your reproductive system as it does not have an actual bearing on your survival. Therefore achieving pregnancy, pending any physical obstacles, is very much dependent upon you having surplus energy, a high nutritional status as well as minimal stress and a clean internal environment. As we age our cells produce less energy and their ability to function optimally diminishes, meaning that pollutants build up and decades of poor lifestyle choices catch up with us. However with the right protocols and mind-set in place I completely believe that it is possible to turn back time, well the biological clock anyway. Your body has amazing restorative capabilities when provided with optimum nutrition and a healthy environment, which includes supporting your emotional and spiritual well-being not just your physical body.

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15 Minute Discovery Session

This introductory chat gives you an opportunity to learn about the key principles of holistic health and how it can help you.

We will discuss your health and reproductive history along with any insights you have as to what you consider to be your biggest obstacle to a healthy conception and full term pregnancy. I will share some key fertility factors for you to take away and explore relative to your particular situation. To enable you to make an informed decision about working with me I will give you an overview of my process to ensure we will be a good fit and whether my Fertility Cleanse and Pre-Conception Care Program feels like something you and your partner can commit to.  


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90 Minute Strategy Session

This option provides an in-depth consultation with me, at the end of which you’ll have some clear recommendations as to what steps to take next that will yield results in the shortest possible time.

You’ll discover how seemingly unrelated symptoms and the body systems and organs involved, such as your thyroid, liver, gut, skin, adrenals, skin, digestion, immune, may hold the answers to conception and a healthy pregnancy. Following an in-depth analysis of your health and reproductive history my recommendations are bespoke to your individual situation and will involve a combination of nutritional and lifestyle changes, natural agents and holistic therapies to restore your body's natural functioning, whilst addressing any imbalances that may be causing a hormonal, physical or immune specific issue.   I will also suggest ideas and tools to support your emotional well-being. I take an integrative, Whole person approach to health, so as to optimise your overall physiology alongside your fertility, taking into consideration all the factors that influence wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit.

£180 individual or £300 couple

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Fertility Cleanse & Pre-Conception Care Program

This is my core treatment program that covers the Whole Person; mind, body and spirit. Pending the results of your assessment this is approximately a four month protocol, following the principles of Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Repair. 

The first few weeks involve a deep Fertility Cleanse which centres on cleansing and rebalancing the liver, digestive system and colon. Following the Cleanse is a minimum three month lifestyle plan that focuses on pre-conception care to improve egg quality and uterine health in women and sperm quality and quantity in men. Bespoke elements are added according to any underlying factors that have been identified and which may be impeding your fertility. Underlying factors include thyroid impairment, hormone imbalances, immune disorders, adrenal health, MTHFR genetic issues and conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis. For those undergoing natural conception coaching around tracking the women’s cycle and most fertile days will be given, based upon the Billings method. 

Price on application.

Includes one Strategy Session, Fertility Cleanse Protocol, Pre-Conception Care Plan, 8 Support Sessions up to one hour each, unlimited email correspondence and cycle monitoring.

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40 Minute Support Sessions

This session is whatever you need it to be following on from the Discovery Session, Strategy Session or Fertility Cleanse & Pre-Conception Care Program.

It’s an opportunity for us to catch up and for me to assess how you’re doing physically and emotionally, what’s working, where you are struggling and based on my personal experience and knowledge, what additional tips and tools may be of benefit relative to your situation. 

Maybe you’re considering fertility treatment, immunological treatment, surrogacy or egg donation and would just like to talk through options with someone who themselves has gone through it and who respectively honours your own goals and beliefs. 

Just know wherever you’re at, however you’re feeling I’m here and I’m absolutely dedicated to championing and supporting you on your journey to parenthood.

£40 per session