I know first hand

 what it feels like to question whether you will ever become pregnant, carry a healthy baby to term and be a mother. 

I know what it feels like when your mind is so overly focused on what you don’t have that it colours your whole life, so that you lose the joy in just living, as if your happiness has been placed on pause until motherhood arrives.

I know what it feels like to be completely confused and overwhelmed by advice, recommendations and conflicting information to the extent you are almost paralysed into complete indecision trying to fathom out the best course of action.

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And that sometimes due to feeling a complete lack of control over the situation you employ a scatter gun approach jumping from one form of treatment to another and from one health-care practitioner to the next hoping that if you approach enough ‘experts’ that someone will  eventually uncover what is ’wrong’ with you and provide the magic ‘fix’.

I understand the pain, the heartache, the confusion, the anxiety and the frustration that comes with years of trying for a child……but I also know there is HOPE, there is always HOPE and there is always a WAY….it may not be the way you imagined becoming a parent but when it shows itself it will feel like it was always destined to be. 

Through my own personal quest, my research, conversations with a variety of fertility specialists from around the globe and my holistic health studies I have learnt how to be my own best advocate, how to attune to my body’s needs, how to stay open to all possibilities and how to make decisions that best serve me, all the while continually working on ways to optimise my fertility; physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is this knowledge combined with the nuggets of gold and wisdom that I have come across that I would love and be honoured to share with you. 

At various points on my baby journey I have looked back and thought if only I knew then what I know now, such as:

  • The huge value of a highly tailored pre-conception holistic care program to optimise success and why it should be a MUST for everyone regardless of their fertility status and how long they’ve been trying to conceive

  • Why nutritional supplements are not created equal and why what works for one person may need to be completely avoided by another

  • That the majority of factors that contribute to egg and sperm quality, as well as miscarriage prevention, are within our control

  • How even food considered 'healthy', pending the state of our gut and our immune system, can trigger low level systemic inflammation which, if left unchecked, can cascade into an array of disorders and imbalances throughout the body, in turn negatively impacting our reproductive health

  • What a good fertility work-up in terms of tests and history taking really looks like and what it should encompass as a minimum, 

  • At what stage further testing should be explored

  • What to look for in an IVF clinic and IVF doctor should you feel the need to go down that path

  • Why stress, both physical and emotional,  has such a detrimental effect on our reproductive health

  • And the importance of the mind-body connection and why it is absolutely KEY to providing the ‘space’ and ‘connection’ to allow your child to come forth.

It is learnings such as these 

that form the basis for my highly personalised treatment protocols which consider all the factors that influence your health and wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit, taking the best of conventional medicine and alternative holistic therapies to facilitate and restore your body’s innate healing response, whilst addressing any imbalance that is causing a hormone, physical or immune specific issue.  This preventative self-care approach will include where appropriate a combination of supplements, herbs, nutraceuticals, nutritional and lifestyle changes and spiritual and emotional support to return your overall physiology and fertile health back to an optimal state. 

All the while encouraging you to be your own best advocate, your own compass…

to not just guide your fertility journey, but each day of your life. You are empowered to look within for answers all the while encouraging you to connect with yourself on a soul level, to find peace with wherever you’re at and surrender to the perfection of the moment. 

In some instances I may recommend a referral within my network of health care practitioners both traditional and alternative who specialise in certain modalities such as Reproductive Immunology, Homeopathy, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture that I do not cover. Such recommendations will be based on your own goals and individual situation. You can be assured that neither I nor Pura Fertiity is affiliated to, or compensated by, any other organisations or individuals and any recommendations are from my own personal experience or research.