Fertility Cleanse & Pre-Conception Care Program

Fertility Cleansing 

Fertility cleansing is one of the best ways to support a women’s body in preparation for conception whether one is looking to conceive naturally or with the use of fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF. The cleanse literally primes the body so that it is much more receptive to the fertility boosting diet and supplements that will follow, effectively clearing out anything that prevents it from being a rich and fertile ground in which to conceive and sustain a pregnancy.

The benefits of undertaking a cleanse to detoxify the body before focusing on more specific fertility issues are multiple.

4 month care program-how to naturally treat endometriosis-how to naturally treat PCOS

Following the principles of the 4R protocol, Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Repair, the Fertility Cleanse will:

    •    Improve the health and function of the digestive system, thereby improving the intestinal flora, nutrient absorption and immune function

    •    Improve the health and function of the liver

    •    Help clear out old stagnant blood in the uterus and boost the flow of fresh, nutrient rich blood to the area 

    •    Detoxify the body at a cellular level clearing out pollutants, stored toxins and heavy metals

    •    Alkalise the body

    •    Improve energy levels

    •    Improve sleep quality

    •    Reduce any allergy symptoms

    •    Help –re-establish hormone balance

    •    Invigorate the blood so that it is rich with oxygen and nutrients

A fertility cleanse first prepares the colon to ensure it is functioning optimally so that it can effectively eliminate the toxins and excess hormones the liver will be encouraged to process, the liver being the key organ in the processing of toxins and nutrients. It also plays a significant role in managing hormonal balance as it metabolises hormones once they have done their job in the body. Consequently if the liver becomes sluggish or overworked it becomes less efficient at breaking down these hormones, which means that they can accumulate in the body and cause hormone imbalances. Hence we must all show our gut and liver some loving by undertaking periodic detoxes and being mindful of our toxin exposure. They work so very hard to keep us healthy. 

From your completed questionnaire I will be able to assess your toxic load and therefore the necessary duration and depth of the detox, as well as the state of your gut and digestive health to ensure that toxins will be effectively excreted and not re-absorbed back into the body. You will receive coaching and support in eliminating anything in your diet and environment that contributes to poor health and toxicity as a result of the cellular stress and inflammation it can cause. Based on your assessment results specific therapeutic supplements will be advised to support your digestive health, liver and colon during the cleanse, along with food and lifestyle  recommendations.

Pre-conception Care Plan

Following on from the cleanse this part of the program focuses on guiding and supporting you in implementing further dietary and lifestyle habits that promote overall well-being, as well as having a positive impact on hormone balance, the immune system, the reproductive system, egg, uterine and sperm health. The Pre-conception Care Plan is foremost about supplying your body with nutrient dense foods that deeply nourish at a cellular level enabling repair, healing and optimal health. Certain foods, nutrients and lifestyle changes will be recommended throughout your monthly cycle to work in synergy with its various phases and help with hormone balance, egg quality, uterine health and emotional well-being. For men certain food, nutrients and lifestyle changes are advised that are known to improve both sperm quality and quantity.

In addition supportive holistic and naturopathic technique's will be suggested, appropriate to your individual situation, such as castor oil packing, fertility massage, herbs and nutritional supplements, along with mind-body tools to help ease stress, release fears and better cope with the powerful emotions that can arise as a result of fertility issues and life challenges in general. The Plan is to be undertaken for a minimum of three months but may be longer if your history, questionnaire and initial assessment, including any subsequent test results, point to an issue that must be addressed prior to conception. 

So why a minimum of three months. Did you know that it is the health of you and your partner 3-4 months prior to conception that has the most significant impact on the health of the child throughout his or her lifetime. This is because there is a three month window prior to ovulation where the eggs are undergoing the final stages of growth and maturation whereby they can be affected by both positive and negative influences. Similarly spermatogeneis, the creation of new sperm, also takes an average of 90 days. During this time sperm quality and quantity is also highly influenced by a number of internal and external factors. The good news is that in both cases many of these factors are controllable. For example:

  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Exposure to oxidative stress, toxins and free radical damage
  • Nutritional deficiencies and absorption issues
  • Exposure to Xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens
  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Blood flow
  • Intake of pharmaceutical drugs, especially the OTC variety
  • Intake of narcotic substances
  • Intake of steroids
  • Exposure to heat (semen only)

With the knowledge and belief that the body has amazing restorative capabilities when nurtured with quality nutrients and a healthy environment, by positively addressing each of these factors it is completely possible to improve egg and sperm quality as well as overall health in the process. How reassuring and empowering is that.

If further encouragement was needed as to the value of committing to a pre-conception care program, consider that the influence and impact of external and environmental factors, termed epigenetics, that the child is exposed to as it grows up is largely governed by the ‘bank balance’ of health it inherits from its parents. Therefore we have a huge responsibility towards the health of future generations by consciously supporting our well-being prior to conceiving, doing our utmost to ensure that the healthiest egg gets to meet the healthiest sperm to create the healthiest baby possible, which will then set them up for the healthiest life possible. Hence why one of the phrases I love so much when it comes to fertility is ‘act pregnant now to get pregnant later.’ Also it takes a good three months for the impact of positive dietary changes, nutritional and herbal supplements to take effect at a cellular level.

If you are deciding to embark on assisted conception and fertility treatments that involves the use of drugs and hormones it is even more imperative that you prepare by undertaking a cleanse and pre-conception care plan. This will not only maximise your success by improving egg, sperm and uterine heath but will also help ensure that your gut, liver and thyroid, key organs that are negatively impacted by fertility medications, are in an optimal state beforehand so as to minimise the after affects. If any imbalances do subsequently occur they can be more easily rectified. Also by clearing out toxins prior to pregnancy it helps ensure they are not passed on to the foetus during pregnancy.

Where there are indications or known health issues around hormone imbalances, manifesting as  disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance the overall Program I recommend is much longer and more comprehensive. I encourage a couple to not try and conceive before such issues are accurately diagnosed and addressed in-order to maximise conception as well as reduce the risk of miscarriage. This approach is the same with any auto-immune disorder either known or suspected.

Where appropriate coaching around tracking your cycle and most fertile days will be given. This is based upon the Billings method. The Support Sessions included within the Program give us an opportunity to catch up, see how your doing, gauge what's working and where further support may be required, both physically and emotionally. It's an opportunity to ask me questions and for me to listen to anything you feel like sharing, be it a win or a whinge. I'm there to support and encourage you whenever needed, as well as ease the emotional burden if it ever starts to feel too much, hence why I've also  included unlimited email correspondence.

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