holistic guidance through your fertility journey

Is your journey to parenthood  starting to feel like a continual upward climb, full of crossroads, bumps and sudden twists, which at times feel almost impossible to navigate?  

Does it feel like you missed the exit that everyone else seemed to take, signed ‘fast route to pregnancy’ and you’re left on the slow road, marked with conflicting and confusing signs as to which way to go next?

Has it got to the point you can’t remember the last time you felt carefree, relaxed and just blissed out on the joy of living. The ongoing effort and expense of trying to fall pregnant has taken all the shine and spontaneity out of life.

Some days you just feel completely overwhelmed by it all, the decisions, the array of treatment options,  the contradictory information and the mounting anxiety of ‘will it ever happen’.   You feel alone and isolated in your despair, as if no one really understands the struggle and the seeming unfairness of it all.

And somewhere amongst all this you’ve lost your ability to connect with your own inner knowing as to what best serves you, your partner and your body in achieving your desire for a family.

Lisa Clark - Purafertility

I can relate to this first hand.

I’ve been there. I’ve felt that heartache, that loss of faith, the sense of failure, the fear of uncertainty and the frustration that comes with coping with fertility challenges and it’s exactly for that reason that I am so passionate about helping you achieve your baby dream and in the process get back to having a life that you love living again.

When I was undertaking my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner I had no inkling that my ‘assignment’ yet to come, coupled with my passion for empowering, preventative self-care, would become my purpose. Though I’ve come to accept that we cannot change the past, as much as we might wish it, if I can use my ever evolving insights, knowledge and personal experiences to help others achieve parenthood then it has absolutely all been worth it.

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Lisa Clark - Founder of Purafertility

Lisa Clark - Founder of Purafertility

My mission in conceiving Pura Fertility is to enable you to make better choices related to your health and well-being, to return harmony to the Whole; Mind, Body and Spirit, to not only cultivate a fertile body but also to optimise how you create and live your life day by day.

This holistic approach of treating the Whole of you rather than just the symptoms recognises that the body is made up of a number of integrated systems that are interdependent upon one another and as such should not be treated in isolation, as this is likely to have a negative, knock on effect on the equilibrium of the whole. 

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating an imbalance, so rather than suppressing a symptom it is important to find its true cause and seek to remove it. Seemingly unrelated symptoms, that you would probably not associate with having an impact on your fertility, may well signal the exact factor, or combination of factors, that are preventing you from conceiving and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. The cause can be emotional, physical, environmental or nutritional.  

Your body's natural desire is to heal and be in balance. Once one knows what area is out of balance the body can be brought back to health. To facilitate your body’s innate restorative response my individualised treatment plans are completely tailored to your own situation using a combination of natural therapies, individualised whole foods, lifestyle changes, supplements as well as tools for emotional support. For more information about my fertility services please read 'how I can help you' and 'services overview'

As well as identifying and treating underlying factors that may be impeding your fertility

I also treat specific fertility related issues such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Irregular Periods
  • PCOS
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Immune system imbalances
  • Egg health
  • Sperm quality
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Miscarriage prevention.

I also offer guidance and support for recurrent miscarriage, pre-conception care, IVF preparation, fertility testing, surrogacy and egg donation.

Following your initial assessment you’ll be given an action plan with clear insights and recommendations, which places the solutions back into your hands, restoring your confidence in both yourself and your body. A map to navigate by that helps you re-connect with yourself and your partner and  which re-establishes self-belief, faith and the greatest of things….hope…. hope that anything IS indeed possible. 

If your desire is to work collaboratively with someone who truly understands the emotional struggle and tough decisions that can be a part of one’s fertility journey, a confidant who is sensitive to the process, especially when things don’t go as easily as you had perhaps envisaged, then I would love to hear from you. I'm deeply passionate about helping you achieve your dreams of being a parent and I'd be honoured to serve you.

Get in touch and let's chat :)

Blessings to you,